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Analyst opinions of the day

  Every morning, before the European markets open, find a selection of recommendations from analysts covering the main markets of the old continent. The list only includes companies that have been subject to a change in opinion or price target, or new monitoring. It may be updated during the session. This information sheds light on … Read more

Five good actions to limit your electricity consumption

After the government’s announcement of an increase in electricity prices of at least 8% from February 2024, a reminder of the actions that make it possible to reduce consumption at home is necessary. However, this is more about common sense than complex methods. Standby devices, lights, heating, household appliances, etc. : here are some salutary … Read more

Drug laundering in businesses in Montpellier: eight defendants judged to be well protected from greetings

The president of the criminal court and the prosecution requested this Monday, February 12, behind closed doors to judge the suspects of a major drug trafficking with considerable profits, reinvested according to the prosecution in an opaque manner in tobacconists, grocery stores and real estate, in Montpellier and in Dubai. A measure justified by “the … Read more