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You can change the size of your accommodation according to your wishes, in this building

Imagine a household living in a 5-room apartment whose children leave the family nest. The couple does not want to live anywhere other than in their home where they have spent their entire life. In Tours, a condominium of nearly 6,000 m² was designed so that this couple could stay and live in their apartment and sell only three rooms, for example. Likewise, two studios can merge into a single apartment. Like in Tetris, 450 combinations are possible. But how is this possible?

When you enter this 2.0 condominium, nothing seems different from a classic building. But when we look closer, we see that it does not have any load-bearing walls inside that would separate the rooms. Only the facade and the core are load-bearing. Each cell contains at least one window. Practical for reorganizing space. Likewise, each room is considered as a cell and each cell represents an independent co-ownership lot. When you buy a three-piece, you buy three cells and therefore three lots. “If you buy a neighbor’s cell, there is no need to seek approval from the co-ownership trustee. This is a simple transfer of ownership of the shares of the cell in question. You just have to inform the trustee and that is enough.», explains Florent Lemaire, executive director of Arkéa Flex, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa which developed this system of expanding and reducing the size of apartments according to the needs of residents.

Concretely, the selling owner pays to close the cell and the buyer finances the carrying out of the work necessary to move a bathroom or a kitchen. “The cell principle is found even on the roof. An apartment without a balcony can have a cell of a roof terrace», specifies Ludovic Malbet, the architect. A right of preference is established. If an owner wishes to sell his home, he must offer it preferentially to neighbors. “Often, your neighbor sells their home and you don’t even know it. There you will be informed first», Declares Didier Boulin, president of Crescendo, the promoter.

What about bathrooms and kitchens, which are more difficult to move? Electrical wires and fluids pass through a technical floor on the ground, which allows one part to be freely replaced by another. The entire platform is thus freely convertible. Each cell contains an electrical cabinet and a technical duct. Each apartment is priced at 3,008 euros per square meter. There are currently 4 apartments left for sale out of the 114 available units and 280 units. “80% of buyers are investors who see more fluidity in the model. It’s a disappointment, we would have preferred more pure membershipss,” underlines Didier Boulin.

Great flexibility

If a household reserves accommodation and then withdraws due to failure to obtain credit, for example, the accommodation can be put back on the market and its disposition changed up to 6 months before delivery of the accommodation. For a classic apartment, the configuration must be decided before the first groundbreaking ceremony. This type of accommodation allows greater flexibility», specifies Didier Boulin. Today, there is a majority of T3s. These scalable housing represent an additional technical cost of 25 euros excluding VAT per square meter, or 1.25% of the total cost of construction, which is now absorbed by a reduction in Arkéa Flex’s margin. “Often, there is a mismatch between what has been planned for the building and the needs of the area. We thus end up with obsolete buildings», comments Florent Lemaire. Since the start of 2024, Arkéa Flex has received 10 requests from developers and social landlords. “45% of social housing is under-occupied. When children are parents, it is almost impossible to rehouse families. With our solution, cells can be recovered for families who are waiting », adds Florent.

Once the co-ownership has been delivered (delivery is scheduled for March 13 for the Tours project), Foncia intervenes as trustee and transmits the rules of good practice for this non-standard co-ownership so in particular that the technical floor is kept by the residents otherwise the evolutionary character disappears. “It’s up to us to bring it to life. This is the great unknown. Foncia is also there from the genesis of the project in order to maintain costs at an acceptable level. The evolving nature should not make the charges inaccessible for the co-owners», reassures Krystel Bruneau, president of Foncia Immo Neuf. A system which therefore does not cost owners more and which does not require a change of destination (moving from an office building to housing for example) like reversible buildings, which avoids heavy administrative burdens.

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